Live! at the Everson

Series Policy


 Rationale: In keeping with our mission, it is appropriate to produce two to four “high profile” concerts per year. Artists with extremely high performance values in, or connected to, the greater Syracuse area deserve to be recognized and heard.  Such concerts serve several purposes:

  • Provide the artist with motivation, support and recognition.
  • Stimulate awareness of the art of the recital.
  • Contribute to the greater Syracuse cultural matrix.
  • Encourage support of live performance.
  • Bring concerts of high performance standards to the public at reasonable cost.
  • Provide incentives to be members of CMM (free tickets to In-Recitals)
  • Expand CMM awareness among the general public.
  • Expand CMM membership.
  • Generate locally produced content for broadcast over WCNY-FM radio.


There shall be a minimum of two Live! Recitals per year. When possible, three or more will be undertaken.

  1. A list of potential Recitalists will be kept by the Live! at the Everson Chair. Anyone may suggest artists to be considered. Artists may be required to submit a current recording and press kit to facilitate consideration. Board members may suggest that an artist submit a proposal for consideration. Concert proposals may be sent to the co-chairs, Phil Eisenman, and Ida Trebicka, at
  2. Consistent with our mission statement and in accordance with the time frame established in number 5, below, a designated committee of five board members, none of whom are included in any of the proposals being considered will select and present to the board of CMM 2 to 5 programs from the pool of potential proposals. Final selection of each concert shall then be determined by a 2/3 vote of a quorum (quorum = half or more) of the current elected board. The procedure will be in accordance with Roberts Rules: a motion to undertake a concert will be made, seconded, discussed, called to question, and put to vote. Any board member who is a potential participant in a Live! proposal will be excused from voting on that proposal and the quorum will be reduced accordingly.
  3. Programming may include various styles and genres. General program content (number of artists and musical genre) will be agreed between artists and CMM at the time of contract signing. Program will contain 60 to 75 minutes of music/lecture. Once contracts are signed, CMM reserves the right to approve any changes of genre or performance personnel. The Live! Chair will handle all contracts.
  4. Contracts will be signed six months in advance whenever possible. In special circumstances, contracts may be signed a minimum of three months in advance of the concert date. Preferably, all contracts for the year will be signed before June 1 for the coming performance year (September through June).
  5. Ticket prices will be consistent with prices for similar events produced by Society for New Music and Friends of Chamber Music (at present $20). To encourage attendance by younger folk, students are admitted free.
  6. Economics. Provided CMM has sufficient funding to cover production costs (piano rental, tuning, advertising, printing and mailing of invitations, tickets and flyers, artists may be paid $10 of every ticket sold at the door plus $8 for every CMM member ticket collected at the door (CMM membership includes a minimum of two (2) tickets good for any Live! At The Everson concerts). If in any financial year, CMM cannot cover production costs, artists may be paid 100% of concert income after all costs have been deducted.  (A minimum of 80 tickets sold = $1200. Costs for most concerts: $60 tuning, $300 printing flyers, tickets, brochures and programs, and mailing, $150 audio engineering, $300 WCNY advertising, = $810 total.) A minimum flat fee of $200 per artist up to two artists (total: $400) is guaranteed if the artist has complied with all responsibilities presented in 9, below.

CMM will:

  • Undertake to secure an audience of at least 80 paid attendees (not including CMM members and students).
  • E-Mail and/or flyers/invitations to 400-800+ prospective attendees inviting them to the concert and a reception to follow, if one is undertaken (in which case CMM will provide the food/drink).
  • Advertise the concert on WCNY FM and list the event in the media.
  • Record the concert, provided one of our designated engineers is available.
  • Provide a wide band digital file via internet download of the recording to the artist at no charge whenever a concert is recorded.
  • Provide an appropriate venue to include the use of a seven or nine foot concert grand piano in good tune.
  • Provide tickets, ticket sellers, ticket takers, ushers, and master of ceremonies

Artists will:

  • Provide a list of potential audience members who may be invited to attend the concert.
  • Suggest a host for a reception, if desirable and possible. (CMM will supply refreshments.)
  • Grant CMM the right to submit portions of the recording for possible broadcast on WCNY.
  • Provide complete biographical and program information to a designated CMM representative 7 weeks in advance of the concert date.
  • Be available for interview on WCNY FM

When professional poster design is employed...

  • CMM will provide the designer with artist photos and concert information.
  • The flyer will be designed in timely fashion and the concert manager and artists will have an opportunity to review text and request changes of textual material only.

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